Tuesday, February 22, 2011



This Lent I have a special gift for you.

As many of you know the Truth and Life Dramatic Audio Bible, which I co-produced, is the only Catholic, word-for-word, dramatized audio Bible available anywhere. It is a powerful production that you will want to have and treasure for years to come. Here are some of the world's great actors: Michael York, Blair Underwood, Malcolm McDowell, Julia Ormond, Neal McDonough, Kristen Bell, Brian Cox, Sean Astin, Stacy Keach, John Rhys-Davies and many others performing the characters of Scripture like never before. It features the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition of the Bible brought to life through compelling performances, incredible sound effects, and an original score.

This dramatic audio Bible which has been endorsed by the Vatican and enjoys the Imprimatur of the Archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan.
Now, I want to give you a chance to experience this audio Bible FOR FREE. Below is a link to the entire book of Mark. Download it or listen on line and hear how the Bible was meant to be heard. Feel free to share the link with your friends and family.

After you have heard the incredible performances, come back to  Raymondarroyo.com, click on the banner at the top of the home page and order your own copy of The Truth and Life Dramatic Audio Bible.

Whether as an Easter gift, a personal devotional, or an addition to your family library, The Truth and Life Dramatic Audio Bible is a rare treasure. It contains the entire New Testament on 18 CDS and is available at bookstores everywhere including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Borders.

Prepare to experience the New Testament like never before. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think at Raymond@raymondarroyo.com




  1. Hi Raymond.

    I love your show. You are doing the Lord's work in an area that is starving for it - journalism. And you are covering the Church and other stories the so called, "main stream", will not cover, from a Catholic perspective.
    Thank you and God Bless you.

    Now to the hard stuff. We are told to support the hierarchy - almost to the exclusion of reason. But Cardinal Dolan is slapping the Faithful around pretty hard. He continues to talk a good talk while doing things that belie his words. He has done it on illegal immigration, gay marriage, and now, by inviting b.o. to the Al Smith dinner, he is doing it again, this time with the HHS mandate, obamacare and religious freedom. There is really no defense for this, which is why Bill Donahue resorted to ad hominem attacks on the Faithful when he was sent out to defend this abhorrent decision.
    What is your editorial position on this? This is a hard question, I know, because of your loyalty to the hierarchy. But you must speak out on this. What Cardinal Dolan has done is extremely scandalous and provides b.o. with political ammunition to use against the Church Faithful. Michael Voris has spoken out against this evil. I hope you will do likewise. There is frankly too much at stake for the Church in this Country and beyond. This is Thomas Moore inviting henry the viii to lunch, or St. Peter dining with nero. This is NOT Christ-like. Our Lord associated with sinners to minister to them. He called out the Pecksniffian establishment. Archbishop Sheen would never have done something like this. The late Cardinal O'Connor didn't. Please speak out. I am praying for you.
    Tom Torchia
    (717) 571 - 8731

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