Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Papal Visit Wrap

Honestly, I have something of a papal hangover. After intensely focusing on the papal travels this past week I am in a bit of a daze--day after day of live coverage will do that to you. As I recover, I thought I'd share a few interesting pieces that may have escaped your attention. There are two very insightful articles by Newsweek's Daniel Stone: "The Green Pope" and a good wrap up of the papal visit, "What the Pope Accomplished."

Also of note is Bill McGurn's piece from Tuesday's Wall Street Journal, "The Pope and the President." Bill is going to be my guest on the World Over this week - so be sure to join us.

We'll wrap the papal visit and provide some analysis. If you don't have EWTN, you can watch on line at

Come back and see us soon.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Some wonderful news to report: The World Over Live will soon be broadcasting from the John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington DC each Friday night. The lights are finally in our new studio. You can certainly watch the show on EWTN live, but now, when you are next in DC, you can come experience the World Over in person.

Seating is limited, so to insure that we have a seat for you, drop us an e-mail at Tell us what Friday you would like to come, and how many people will be in your party. We'll send you a confirmation and see you in the studio. Get ready to see all that is "seen and unseen." Can't wait to seeyou all at our new broadcast home.

Thanks for dropping by.