Monday, February 22, 2010

A Special Lenten Gift

Signed Bookplates If You Purchase The Book Before March 20th

The new Mother Angelica book is now in bookstores everywhere and available for home delivery (click the banner above). As a special gift to those of you who watch the program and have long supported my work, I will send you a signed bookplate for each copy that you purchase between now and March 20th. Simply drop me an e-mail at Please write Book Offer in the subject line and include your:



And the place where you purchased the book.

We'll send you a signed bookplate and a special bookmark for your trouble.

THE PRAYERS AND PERSONAL DEVOTIONS OF MOTHER ANGELICA makes a wonderful Easter gift and is one of those books that is sure to be a treasure for years to come. All of Mother's books have landed on the New York Times Best seller List, and we are hoping this newest installment will as well. This collection is filled with Mother's original prayers and time tested devotions. It also includes:

* A complete prayer journal composed during Mother’s personal dark night of the soul
* Handwritten meditations offered to her sisters
* Two moving versions of the Stations of the Cross composed for her community
* Devotions and petitions from her early religious life

I hope you'll buy your copy today and urge your friends to do the same. Here is a beautiful prayer from the book, one of Mother's original compositions, that you will surely benefit from repeating:


Lord Jesus, increase my faith.

I want so much to have the kind of faith that moves mountains.

I want to believe with such intensity that only a thin veil separates me from seeing You Face to Face.

I want to see the Father’s Will and providence in everything that happens.

You had such a serene confidence in the Father’s guiding hand as it manifested His Will in the circumstances of life.

Give me that gift, Lord and Master, that I too may have the joy of beholding the Divine Presence in everything that happens to me.

I look forward to seeing you folks in New Orleans, Cleveland and Springfield, Mass in the weeks to come. Check out for my complete book tour schedule.

I look forward to seeing you folks in New Orleans, Cleveland, and in Springfield, Mass in the weeks to come. Check out my complete book schedule below.


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